Creative Paver Designs for Yards, Patios and Driveways

Traditional backyards across North America often feature a patio surrounded by an expanse of lawn. Looking to change yours up? Paving stones are increasingly being used in new and interesting ways. Let these creative ideas help you envision a new backyard or driveway design.

Break Up the Lawn

Combine large, square concrete pavers with pea gravel for a clean, modern look, or create a decorative circular pattern using multicolored pavers. You could also section your yard into four zones, filling the first with pea gravel, the second with pavers, the third with lawn grass and the last area with native grasses.Use New Shapes and SizesPavers are traditionally smaller stones laid in compact linear designs. If you’d like to buck expectations, you can go with less-conventional shapes or sizes, blend stone and brick, alternate rows with pea gravel, or space pavers far enough to allow for grass growth.

Create Art or Amusement

Pavers can also serve as playful or artistic accents in the lawn. Lay down and number pavers for backyard hopscotch, or alternate square pavers with patches of grass to make a giant checkerboard pattern. You can then use black and white Frisbees or buckets as playing pieces.

Try a Green Driveway

You can choose from all sorts of granite, bluestone, brick and concrete pavers to lay down a new driveway or line the one you already have. But you might also consider permeable pavers, the increasingly popular and eco-friendly option. Permeable paving reduces runoff by using porous materials that allow water to filter and percolate through it.With the array of paver options available, there’s no need to settle for a lackluster patio, yard or driveway design. Get inspired with these ideas and rethink your yard’s appeal.